Our Methodologies:

  • ·         We use the standard curriculum but also offer more challenging problems and assignments than what is usually expected in the classroom.
  • ·         We emphasize mathematical reasoning and problem solving applications.
  • ·         We always encourage the kids to look for creative solutions. For example, we would ask the students to find different methods for solving the same math problem or think about how to modify a given math problem to get a new solution.
  • ·         A student may TRY OUT FOR any of our classes for FREE. The student wouldn’t need to pay for the tuition if he/she doesn’t like the class.

Welcome to Advanced Math Tutoring!


Advanced Math Tutoring provides after-school and weekend school enrichment programs with the goal of helping the students improve their logical and abstract ways of thinking, succeed in standardized tests and math competitions. Our lead instructor Feng Lin has brought over 20 years of experience in teaching math and physics, he is also teaching math at Ventura College, all math classes taught by him received excellent reviews from the students. We provide various math courses and workshops to the middle school and high school students in Thousand Oaks area. Some of the classes are: Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus, SAT and SAT II Math Prep, Mathcounts, AMC 8, 10, 12 and AIME.